The Top 6 Reasons Roofs Fail

roof of a home

The roof is one of the important components of any building. It provides shelter from the elements and helps regulate the temperature inside the building throughout the year. Many homeowners lie awake at night literally worrying about the roof over their heads. Roof failure is among the most stressful issues any homeowner can face. A new roof costs thousands of dollars, on top of any damage that may be caused to the home as a result of the failing roof. Knowing the top reasons roofs fail can help you take preventative measures to prolong the life of your roof and stay ahead of any issues that may develop. Read on to learn more.

Roofs Fail When They Are Improperly Installed

improper installation of roofAs silly as it may seem, one of the primary reasons roofs fail is because they are improperly installed. A new roof should give the homeowner assurance that their home is protected from the elements for the next couple of decades, if not longer. But when roofing companies cut corners to save on time and materials, the homeowner is left with a roof that will be more likely to fail. Be sure to thoroughly research any roofing company before hiring them to do work on your home’s roof. Finding a reputable company, like Aapex Construction & Restoration, that is licensed, bonded, and insured and also offers a workmanship warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty is a must.

Improper or Lack of Flashing

Poor Flashing on RoofFlashing is a thin metallic shield that is placed around areas on the roof that will be more prone to leaking. These areas include any roof features like vents, chimneys, or skylights, as well as any roof planes that meet a vertical surface, like a wall. Flashing is an impenetrable layer that directs water away from the house and toward the roof’s drainage system. One way roofing companies attempt to save on the expense of installing a new roof is by improperly flashing or doing no flashing at all. Unfortunately, this allows water to pool in these critical areas and seep into the house, doing damage to the surrounding shingles and roof decking along the way. If you notice that your roof has no flashing, or you are worried it may be improperly flashed, you should schedule a roof inspection with a reputable roofing company as soon as possible to remedy the issue.

Roofs Fail Because of Improper Ventilation

A properly ventilated roof is constantly working to keep the temperature of the attic more or less the same as the temperature outside. In the summer or winter, this means pulling in cooler air to push hotter air out through the exhaust vent. Proper ventilation is important for your home’s overall health, helping prevent ice dams and mold growth and aid in the regulation of your entire home’s temperature throughout the year. Improper ventilation can contribute to a shortened roof lifespan due to the extreme temperature changes that cause the shingles to expand and contract. If you notice snow melting on your roof faster than your neighbors or icicles forming along the gutters, there’s a good chance your roof is improperly ventilated. The good news is this issue can be (and should be!) remedied by a reliable roofing company.

Bad Roof Patches

Bad Roof Patches

Whenever most roofing contractors finish replacing a roof, they typically leave behind spare shingles that can be used to patch any damage sustained during the life of the roof. Springtime windstorms are often responsible for at least a few missing shingles in Northeast Ohio, and patching a roof with the same or comparable materials ensures the integrity of the roof after repairs are complete. However, when the original shingles are not available, homeowners may decide to patch the roof with cheaper roofing materials that not only look bad but also do not do as good a job shedding water as the surrounding shingles. Bad roof patches can shorten the life of your roof and lead to roof failure. What is perhaps most devastating for homeowners to discover is using mismatched roofing materials can even void the manufacturer warranty on the entire roof. If your roof loses shingles, be sure any patches installed are made from the same or comparable shingle materials.

Improper Maintenance

Improper Roof MaintenanceEven a new roof requires regular maintenance. One common reason roofs fail is because homeowners neglect simple, routine maintenance like cleaning the gutters, clearing off debris, and even doing periodic inspections, especially after a storm. Properly maintaining the roof ensures the roof can efficiently shed water and that any issues – like damage from a storm – are addressed as soon as they occur. If not properly maintained, roofs can develop ice dams in the winter, grow mold in the summer, and leak where unnoticed damage has occurred.

Roofs Fail Because of Old Age

Finally, it’s important to remember that roofs deteriorate over time and eventually fail. Depending on the life expectancy of your roofing material, you can anticipate replacing your roof at least once, maybe twice, in your lifetime. Properly maintaining your roof will add years to your roof’s life, but if you watch for signs of trouble, you can tackle replacing it before water starts seeping into your home.

Aapex Construction & Restoration is a locally owned company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to provide exceptional workmanship and customer service. If your roof is nearing the end of its life, contact us to schedule a consultation today.


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