An Open Letter to Owners of Damaged Properties

We seek to restore your damaged home to as good as new, and we consider ourselves experts in all of the steps involved in repair. This translates into knowing what boxes need ticked on your insurance adjusters forms. We use the same cost coding as insurance companies- and will work in your favor to get your home restored to its original state with no extra costs that aren’t handled through insurance.

The Same Software

We subscribe to and use the same software that insurance adjusters around the country use to identify the costs involved in restoring a home from fire and water damage. The software is, quite simply, a series of check boxes that list work that needs to be done.

The problem is, an inexperienced (or frugal) insurance adjuster may not check all of the necessary boxes.

What an insurance adjuster might initially write a check for a water damage project:

  • Install new shingles
  • Install new drywall

What Aapex will identify as work that needs done

  • Remove Damaged Shingles
  • Replace Water Damaged Roof Panels
  • Add new Roofing Paper
  • Add New Shingles
  • Replace Damaged Insulation
  • Structural Drying in Attic
  • Remove Old Drywall
  • Replace Damaged Drywall
  • Finish Drywall
  • Texture Cieling
  • Paint Walls
  • Reinstall wood trim


Out initial job site inspection, always includes a detailed photographic record of initial conditions.Our staff are also trained to photograph additional unseen damage.This photographic record, along with descriptions provided by our knowledgeable staff to repair your home and all to be covered under your home insurance policy.


At Aapex Restoration, we work for the home owner, not the insurance company. For that reason we will use our meticulous documentation and go to bat for you to insure that you receive every dollar owed to you by your insurance company.

We have helped many customers that have received initial underwhelming insurance payments- and turn them into full payments for the proper work that needs completed.

It is our detailed documentation and advocacy that makes all of the difference.

When we visit your location for a free consultation – ask us to show you examples- we keep ugly pictures of damaged homes at the ready.

Thank you for reading about what makes Aapex different,

Jason and Melissa McCourt

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