Kill Mold, mildew and eliminate odors with Ozone Cleaning

Ozone has been used in the medical field for years, it is used to purify water and by disaster recovery professionals to kill mold, mildew and stop the spread of harmful airborne particles.Aapex Restoration and Construction has been using ozone as a means to sanitize our clients spaces when we work on a flooded basement or when a roof has been leaking for a long time.It is clean, and effective without the use of harsh chemicals.Done right it is safe any environment.

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Peace of Mind for Your Business

Let’s face it, today more than ever before air purification can make a big difference for customers feeling safe in your establishment. Ozone cleaning after hours can help purify the air from mold, viruses, bacteria, and unwanted odor. The best part? You are making the environment safer for your team and your customers.

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