Whether your water damage was caused by a natural disaster, flooding or a busted pipe, you’ll need to move quickly in order to ensure not only that your building is restored but also to protect the health of your family or employees. Water quickly ruins floors, fixtures and possessions and can lead to deadly mold infestations.

Aapex is thoroughly knowledgeable on the effects of water damage and the critical need to react quickly. After accessing the damage, our technicians will extract the water, dry the affected areas with the most advanced equipment available, remove any irreversibly damaged materials, and clean the area ensuring that no further damage is done by hidden moisture. Because we can respond quickly, we will keep the water from further damaging your property.

Our high level of documentation allows for ease of recovery with your insurance agency. Every repair line item will be justified and backed up with photography.  This makes us an advocate for the home owner in maximizing a home owner’s policy claim.

Water Damage Situations where we Excel

Aapex Construction and Restoration offers experienced services combating water damage including:

  • Natural Disaster Situations
  • Storm Flooding, Storm Damage, Wind Damage and Tornado Damage
  • Landscape Flooding
  • Dry-rot and Pest Damage
  • Burst and Erratic Pipe Sprays
  • Simple Ceiling Leaks and more!

Aapex will restore your home, business, or institution to a its original dry condition through our water damage repair services.

We offer structural drying and water extraction for homes, businesses and other facilities. Ask us to visit, and we will assess what drying techniques would be best.

Emergency Water Damage Response

Reacting quickly to water damage and getting professional help is essential in minimizing water damage. Unchecked water damage can be nightmarish.Call us today, or tonight, if the case might be.
Our 24/7 Emergency Line is : 800-721-6015.

Water Damage Restoration