Metal roofing is one of the fastest growing and hottest trends in residential home improvement. Metal roofs have seen 4 fold growth in market share over the past 10 years and are continuing to rise in popularity.

Besides being environmentally friendly, proven energy efficiency and fire resistance, metal roofs are a low weight solution that adds curb appeal to your home with a distinct look and a wide variety of colors and designs.

Metal Roofs are considered an upgrade from asphalt roofs.  Whether you are replacing a damaged roof from a storm, fire or other water damage, or just feel like the look, you can’t go wrong with an aluminum or steel roof.


Ranch style home with visible wear and tear on asphalt roof


Ranch style home with new brown metal roof

Installing Metal Roofing in Ohio

Aapex Construction and Restoration employs experienced roofing experts to install metal roofs across Ohio.  Our installers are adept in metal cutting to perform precision cuts for flashing, difficult angles and caps.

We will suggest metal roofing panels with the best interlocking connectors for your roof.  We may also suggest product that hide fasteners.

Brown Steel Roof

Excellent for Low Grade Angle Roofing Situations

Red Steel Roofing

Excellent for Vibrant Colors and Congruency

Burnish Slate Steel Roofing

Extended Protection from Weather and Trees

Green Steel Roofing

Stand Out from a Sea of Asphalt Shingles

Manufacturer Trained Installers

We are trained and instructed by our roofing vendors to install their roofing products according to their very strict specifications.All requirements are met in order for Aapex to be able to provide our clients with the registered product warranty and back that with our 10 year or Lifetime warranty of workmanship.We are considered preferred contractors with all our suppliers and are held to certain requirements in order to maintain and provide that level of service.