Hail Damage – What You Need to Know

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Hail Damage to Your Home

Storms can be very damaging to landscapes and structures; hail damage is one of Mother Nature’s worst offenders.  So much damage can be caused to crops and structures do to hail.

Hail damage causes about $1 billion in damage to crops and property each year.  In fact,  the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that storms involving wind, hail or flood accounted for $29.7 billion in insured catastrophe losses in 2016 dollars alone.

How often are there hail storms in the USA?

Did you know there are approximately 3,000 hail storms in the United States every year? Hail storms often occur with thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other wind events and can cause millions of dollars in property damage to cars and homes. Your safety is the most important thing.   Hail can shatter windows so close drapes, blinds or window shades in an attempt to reduce the amount of broken glass that might blow inside. Stay away from skylights and doors. Do not go outside during a hail storm.  

Once the storm has passed it is then safe to survey the damage done to your home and property.  Some of the damage you should look for as a home owner are things like damage to your gutters and siding, windows.  You should also look for  damage to your roof which may be hard to see from the ground.

What should you do if you see hail damage?

Your first line of defense is always a good offense.  Make sure you know what your home insurance policy offers in terms of coverage.  It is usually available online.  Then contact a roofing professional like Aapex Restoration & Construction, who is GAF Certified.  It is not always easy to identify damage to your roof and property that can be exacerbated over time.  You need a professional to check for damage.  Inspections will  provide a detailed inspection to help you determine whether your roof has enough damage to warrant a claim with your insurance company.  We will help you in properly diagnosing the problem.

Our high level of documentation allows for ease of recovery with your insurance agency. Every roofing repair line item will be justified and backed up with photography. This makes us an advocate for the home owner in maximizing a home owner’s policy claim.


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