Ozone Cleaning 101: Purify the Air Inside Your Home

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How It Purifies the Air Inside Your Home & Eliminates Persistent Odors

Whether during a restoration or a more standard spring cleaning, one of the biggest challenges to overcome in any home is getting rid of persistent bad odors. Because microscopic particles from the source of the odor settle into a home’s “soft” surfaces – carpets, walls, furniture fabrics, etc. – the odors from pets, cigarette smoke, and excess moisture can be particularly difficult to eradicate. Similarly, these soft surfaces make it equally difficult to thoroughly disinfect a home. Ozone cleaning is one of the most effective ways to help reduce odors and disinfect your home, without leaving behind the aroma of harsh chemicals or heavy perfumes.

What is Ozone Cleaning & How Does It Eliminate Odors?

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Many of us open our windows after a storm blows through to let in some fresh air. What most of us don’t realize is the reason the air smells so clean and crisp after a storm. The science behind this phenomenon is simply brilliant. During a thunderstorm, each flash of lightning splits apart oxygen molecules, which naturally pair together as O2. The free oxygen atoms attach to bonded oxygen pairs to create O3, or ozone. Because the bond with the extra oxygen in O3 is unstable, it will quickly attach to the molecules of other substances and dissipate, taking the other substance with it. This process of oxidation neutralizes pollutants and odors, leaving behind crisp, clean air. We open our windows after a storm to enjoy the benefits of the ozone cleaning that occurs naturally. However, most areas inside the home, especially those that generate the most odors, see very little sunlight, let alone ozone.

Ozone cleaning allows homeowners the benefit of this same process inside their home. While we are not able to create an actual thunderstorm inside your home – nor do we think you’d want us to – we are able to give you the benefit of ozone oxidation. By producing a specific controlled electrical current that will create ozone inside your home, we are able to help purify the air inside your home and eliminate persistent odors. Ozone cleanings are most effective at removing odors related to tobacco use, fire damage, paint, garbage, mold, and mildew. Ozone cleanings help sanitize your home and eradicate odors by breaking down microorganisms and pollutants at their source. Ozone cleaning does not mask the odors inside your home; it eliminates them by breaking them down at the molecular level. With this process, we are able to kill or eliminate 99.99% of odors, bacteria, and viruses.

The Ozone Cleaning Process

Lady purchasing ozone rental for indoor air qualityIn order for an ozone cleaning to have a lasting effect, the primary source of the odor must first be mitigated. If, for example, there are urine-soaked carpets, they will need to be cleaned or removed, along with the padding, and the floors will need to be scrubbed. If there is a moisture problem within the home, leading to mold and mildew, the source of the excess moisture problem will first need to be addressed.

Homeowners can opt to have their entire home cleaned or section off an area where odors are particularly troublesome. Pet odors often permeate the entire home, whereas mold and mildew tend to linger in particular areas. For either option, the process is the same. The targeted area is sealed off so that the ozone does not dissipate. Because O3 is unstable, the concentrations used during an ozone cleaning are not safe for any living creature to breathe. All pets and people must evacuate the home prior to an ozone cleaning, but the ozone dissipates quickly once the cleaning has been completed. When you return after your ozone cleaning, you will be greeted by an odor-free, fragrance-free, home.

Are you wanting to reduce odors and disinfect your home? Contact us today to schedule your springtime ozone cleaning!

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