Home Exterior Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Home Remodel

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When it comes to home remodeling, many elements, such as outdoor lighting, can be considered to improve the exterior. The type of lighting techniques and the different parts of your home that can be emphasized with lighting can be customized in various ways. Well-thought-out lighting creates a safe, welcoming, and inviting ambiance. Let’s explore the different techniques and ways to make your home exterior stand out!

Lighting Placement Ideas 

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When it comes to outdoor lighting, there is more to its technique than placing lighting around arbitrarily. Instead, it involves understanding how specific features can be illuminated using various methods, highlighting their best attributes. This approach ensures that each element in your landscape is not just lit but illuminated purposefully and creatively. Here are some different techniques you can use to light up your home exterior.


Uplighting is an excellent technique for illuminating your home exterior effectively. It involves positioning a lighting fixture near the ground and directing its light upward, resulting in various captivating visual effects. Some of these effects include:

  • Silhouetting: This entails placing an uplight behind an object, like a tree, sculpture, or another landscape feature. The contrast between the lit background and the dark object creates a striking silhouette.
  • Shadowing: With this approach, an uplight is placed in front of an object or feature, casting its shadow onto a flat surface behind it. This technique is often used for shrubbery and plants, as the moving shadows add a dynamic element.
  • Accenting: The goal is to highlight a specific item, such as a statue or a tree. The lighting fixture is typically hidden, emphasizing the object’s presence without drawing attention to the light source.

These effects showcase the versatility and impact of uplighting in enhancing your outdoor space’s visual appeal.


Downlighting is a technique where the light source is positioned above the feature you wish to highlight. By illuminating from above, the light spreads out, covering broader areas with a gentle wash of light without harsh contrasts. Downlighting also adds depth and creates a cozy ambiance in your outdoor space. Architectural elements, entryways, and landscaping are just a few well-suited features for downlighting.


Moonlighting is designed to cast gentle shadows that mimic the way the moonlight filters through foliage. This technique often involves placing lights high up within the branches of trees, their angled illumination directed downward. The resulting mixture of light and shadow enhances the visual appeal and brings a dreamlike quality to your home exterior.


Washing is a lighting technique that involves positioning a light source at an indirect angle to create a gentle, diffused glow on the intended feature. This technique is commonly employed to illuminate larger surfaces, such as walls, rows of shrubs, pillars, or decorative elements. By creating a soft and even distribution of light, washing accentuates the texture and details of the surface it falls upon. 

Lighting Areas of Your Home Exterior

Outdoor Entryway Lighting: What Can You Do?

The porch and entryway of your home provide an excellent starting point for exploring various ways to introduce lighting that not only adds charm but also enhances the overall appeal of your house. For your front door, well-placed sconces or pendant lights can not only illuminate the entry but also create an inviting ambiance. You can also add pendant lights to your porch ceiling, creating a cozy atmosphere for guests.

Illuminating pathways and outdoor stairs serve a dual purpose by enhancing safety and offering a welcoming glow to guide visitors. Moreover, thoughtfully placed lighting for house numbers improves visibility for guests and emergency services. Improving the aesthetic appeal of your home while also focusing on safety is a win-win!

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Landscaping Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Exterior

Landscaping in the front of your home provides a canvas for creative outdoor lighting. With the proper lighting, you can enhance the beauty of various plant life, such as trees, shrubs, and flower beds. For instance, trees can be illuminated effectively using uplighting or downlighting, while shrubs and bushes benefit from low-profile path lights or well lights. Furthermore, flower beds can be gracefully accentuated with garden lights. These flowers will bring out the natural colors and textures of the blooms and foliage. 

Remember to Light Up Your Garage!

When considering how to enhance your garage, many options suit different styles and needs. Wall-mounted sconces, for example, can be chosen in various designs, from traditional lantern-style fixtures to sleek and modern options. This diversity lets you match the lighting to your home’s overall aesthetic.

Additionally, you can opt for architectural lighting techniques discussed earlier to accentuate specific features of the garage. Up-lighting can be used to cast light upward onto the garage’s facade, creating a dramatic effect. Downlighting fixtures can also be installed on the garage’s roof to provide a gentle wash of light.

Consider adding lights to the driveway leading up to the garage for an added safety measure. Again, this gives you the best of both worlds by adding an aesthetic appeal and improving safety.


Illuminating your home’s exterior can create a visually appealing ambiance to create an enjoyable environment for you and your family and enhance its property value. When done right, you can reap many benefits from lighting your home exterior strategically. 

Fortunately, we are the professionals you can rely on! Whether you’re considering an outdoor lighting project or any home exterior improvement, contact us at Aapex Construction and Restoration. We’re here to help you illuminate your home’s exterior and elevate its overall appeal.

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