Monthly Archives: December 2022

Common Places for Your Roof to Leak

guy standing with a pot catching drips from a leaky roof

Roof leaks can be frustrating for homeowners. A constant water drip would drive anyone insane. Knowing you have a leak can be obvious when you see water spots or water dripping from your ceiling. While it can be easy to recognize leaks, it can also be difficult to find the source of that leak.  How […]

Can You Get a New Roof in The Winter?

Home in winter with a new roof covered in snow

Winter roofing projects can be a challenge. In our previous blog, we explained that the best time to clean your roof is on cloudy, calm, dry day. This is also the case with having new roofing installed. Roofing can occur in temps ranging from 40° to 90° F. Ideal outside temperatures should be between 70-80° […]